Pretty Little Princess


All morning I have been putting together these adorable headbands for baby girls to sell on my site. They are pretty simple to make…

You take a nylon headband you buy online like this…


Make one, two, or three rosettes out of wrapped fabric. Start in the middle wrapping the fabric and twisting it as you go around. Use hot glue along the sides to keep it tight. You should end up with something like these…


Once you have your rosettes cut two pieces of rectangular fabric about two inches by one inch. Fold and glue each long edge. Wrap around the headband and glue the two raw ends together. Looking like this…

20120910-141439.jpg Have them spaced out so the rosettes fit directly on top.

Now all you have to do is add a fair bit of glue on top of each band and center the rosette on each. Should look like this…

20120910-141858.jpg I typically use the same color fabric for the band as the rosette but it is up to you.

Have fun with it and come up with some fun combinations! Let me know if you need any more explanations.

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