Selling through Photographs

Sapphire Mason Jar Lights - Glass Banner Style - Modern Industrial Rustic Farmhouse - Handrcrafted Upcycled BootsNGus Lighting FixtureUNDER THIS MOON / Bracelet - Personalized lunar phase charm of your special night in sterling silver and silk, astronomy, sky, black, red

Ever since starting my Etsy page I have been trying to figure out how to photograph my products to sell them best.

I don’t have the greatest space to take great pictures. I am always looking for a great back drop for the products.

Today I decided to look online for tips and tricks for taking pictures. You would be surprised how much information there is…

Here are a few things I have taken away for all the different threads…

1. Use natural lighting

2. Editing the images with take it to the next level

3. Use for editing for Free!

4. Put your images in context – jar on table or accessories on model

5. Use a great background to allow your item to pop

6. Take several images from different angles

7. Catch details – close ups and texture

8. Use a variety of shots and images showing all aspects of the item

Some examples:

Brass Wire Wrapped Quartz Crystal Point Necklace

Wrap Up With A Good Book Scarf: Jane EyreBurgundy herringbone chunky  knit scarf with leather buckle

Here are some links:

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