My Current Obsession

Daniel and I are moving to the Atlanta, GA area this coming May and over our Thanksgiving holiday we visited family and got to see a few homes. There is a home we are interested in and are waiting on some details before making an offer. Being a female and having a love for design my mind has been going into overdrive. We are looking to re-model the kitchen if we get the home. I have been looking at kitchens for the last week straight. Here are a few of the images I have found and love from the app Houzz ( which I highly recommend:


This kitchen features the farmhouse sink. I love the vintage cottage look!


Love the bench attached to the counter top for built in seating.


I like the color scheme of grey counter tops with the white cabinets.


There is a room upstairs that we would use as a craft room and I would love to add a day bed for additional guests and a cozy feel. Here are some pictures I love:


How can you not love this bedroom below? It looks so cozy, warm, and put together:


You may think I’m getting ahead of myself and I probably am. No matter which house it is, there is still lots of decorating and planning to do.

Let the creativity, design, and imagination run wild. Having a blank canvas is always so much fun!

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