House Hunting isn’t for the Weak…

An update on our housing situation…

Buying a home has definetly been a lot more difficult, overwhelming, and emotional than we had expected. W e started looking Fall 2012 when we figured out that we would be moving to the Atlanta area for a job once my husband (Daniel) graduated seminary May 2013. We live in California so looking long distance was the first struggle we had. We would look at homes online and try to figure out what we could get for the amount we wanted to spend. This is our first home. We currently live in a very small one bedroom apartment on campus.

We began to learn that Daniel and I have very different preferences and desires in a home. My list included an updated kitchen, open concept, and at least two bathrooms. Daniel’s list included a large office space (he currently has a corner in our bedroom), a private yard, and a bath tub (no comment). We definetly have clashed along the way but it has helped us understand each other and learn how to communicate better.

We didn’t have it easy. We fell in love with about 4 different homes only to find out minutes after viewing the home or the next day that the home was no longer available or not willing to negotiate. It was a rollercoaster to say the least. We wanted to give up many times. February 1, 2013 we put an offer in on a home we never even saw. Our realestate agent took a video of the home. My husbands family did a tour and we decided we liked the home. The home was a short sale and we offered a bit lower than the asking price. We were warned before the process that a short sale is by no mean “short”. We spent two months waiting, hearing nearly nothing about the home, only to find out this past week that the bank decided the home was worth $16,000 more than even the asking price.

We were devestated. We had picked out floor samples, the back splash, appliances, and even wall colors, only to find out the home was not even possible. The home needed $20,000 worth of renovations before we even had the inspection. We know God is protecting us from a home of headache and money.

We could have called it quits, decided to rent, and called it a day. After many tears we pulled ourselves together and have started the search again. No fixer-uppers and no short sales or foreclosures this time.

We pack up and move on May 25th. Pray that we have a home to move into once we drive across the Georgia border. 

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