Best thing I’ve done in a while!


Since we are moving in a month I decided it was time to clean our couch before we leave. This was the best decision I have made in a while…

Here is a picture of our sad, sad couch before:


I was nervous about washing the cushion and pillow covers because they were custom made and had no tags with descriptions. I looked online and found lots of information.

So I took all the covers off and stacked the pillows all up on the chair:



I took them down to the washer set it at cold and used our regular detergent.

While waiting for the cycle I vacuumed the inside of the couch and the mattress:


After the wash cycle I put them in the dryer on a delicate cycle for 20 minutes.

It was fun trying to stuff the cushions back into the covers but so worth it. It gave our sad little couch a new life. I had been thinking I was going to hide it in Daniel’s new office because it looked so sloppy but it looks great now!

So I encourage you to try it too! It only took me a few hours and I looks so much better!


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