Saying Goodbye


Our big move day is coming up soon! We move on Saturday afternoon as soon as the moving company drives away.


We have lived in our tiny little apartment on campus since August of 2010. It has been such a journey and we have met so many new people. My husband Daniel has been studying for his Masters in Divinity at Golden Gate Theological Seminary. He was able to finish his program in 3 years and I am so proud of him for being able to graduate on Friday.


We were able to experience so much of the city, going to baseball games, driving over the bridge weekly, driving along the coast, and enjoying so many different kinds of food. San Francisco has been one of the most beautiful and cool places we have lived. We will miss the runs along the water, the ocean, the rolling hills, and the beautiful architecture. Daniel is a huge Giants fan so we can definitely see ourselves coming back to the city for one reason or another.


Sunday was our last day at church and it was bitter sweet. Our friends at church were very supportive and excited for the new opportunities but it was sad to say our goodbyes. I have always had a hard time with goodbyes. I tend to compartmentalize things, I suppose as a defense mechanism. I don’t let myself think about saying goodbye to people until the last day.


There are a lot of people we have met during our time here that will last past our time in SF. We have definitely made friends with people that will last a lifetime. It makes it easier to say goodbye when you know that some day (hopefully soon) we will see each other again.


Our time here has gone by so fast! We can’t believe we are already done but it has been wonderful and we have made so many good memories!


God has blessed us with our time here and we are so excited for the new journey He is taking us on. Pray that we continue to seek God’s guidance and we follow in obedience as this new journey unfolds.

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